AHA Virtual Exhibit

On the occasion of this year’s American Historical Association conference, we’re excited to share deep discounts on our recent history titles, particularly books from our series, African American Intellectual History, Childhoods, Culture and Politics in the Cold War and Beyond, Environmental History of the Northeast, Public History in Historical Perspective, and Veterans. For a limited time, you can receive 40% off the books featured here with the promo code MAS048. (Expires February 28, 2022.)

We are also eager to discuss your book projects! Please reach out to our editor in chief, Matt Becker, at [email protected] to arrange a meeting.


The New Praetorians

American Veterans, Society, and Service from Vietnam to the Forever War

Michael D. Gambone

Bidding for the 1968 Olympic Games

International Sport's Cold War Battle with NATO

Heather L. Dichter

Urban Archipelago

An Environmental History of the Boston Harbor Islands

Pavla Šimková

This Brain Had a Mouth

Lucy Gwin and the Voice of Disability Nation

James M. Odato

Making the Forever War

Marilyn B. Young on the Culture and Politics of American Militarism

Mark Philip Bradley, Mary L. Dudziak

Our Kind of Historian

The Work and Activism of Lerone Bennett Jr.

E. James West


Discord in Maine's Logging Woods and the Unraveling of an Industry

Andrew Egan

Here and Everywhere Else

Small-Town Maine and the World

Andrew Witmer

Lost on the Freedom Trail

The National Park Service and Urban Renewal in Postwar Boston

Seth C. Bruggeman

A Cultural Arsenal for Democracy

The World War II Work of US Museums

Clarissa J. Ceglio

Fêting the Queen

Civic Entertainments and the Elizabethan Progress

John M Adrian

The Honor Dress of the Movement

A Cultural History of Hitler’s Brown Shirt Uniform, 1920–1933

Torsten Homberger

The Persistence of Slavery

An Economic History of Child Trafficking in Nigeria

Robin Phylisia Chapdelaine

Revolutions at Home

The Origin of Modern Childhood and the German Middle Class

Emily C. Bruce

We Begin Bombing in Five Minutes

Late Cold War Culture in the Age of Reagan

Andrew Hunt

Where Is Juliet Stuart Poyntz?

Gender, Spycraft, and Anti-Stalinism in the Early Cold War

Denise M. Lynn

For Might and Right

Cold War Defense Spending and the Remaking of American Democracy

Michael Brenes

Shaker Fever

America's Twentieth-Century Fascination with a Communitarian Sect

William D. Moore

Museum Diplomacy

Transnational Public History and the U.S. Department of State

Richard J. W. Harker

Diseased States

Epidemic Control in Britain and the United States

Charles Allan McCoy

Service Denied

Marginalized Veterans in Modern American History

John M. Kinder, Jason A. Higgins

Exhibiting Evangelicalism

Commemoration and Religion’s Presence of the Past

Devin C Manzullo-Thomas

Feeling Godly

Religious Affections and Christian Contact in Early North America

Caroline Wigginton, Abram Van Engen

Rescued from Oblivion

Historical Cultures in the Early United States

Alea Henle

"For the Good of Their Souls"

Performing Christianity in Eighteenth-Century Mohawk Country

William B. Hart

Collecting the Globe

The Salem East India Marine Society Museum

George H. Schwartz

American Intelligence

Small-Town News and Political Culture in Federalist New Hampshire

Ben P. Lafferty

Shaker Vision

Seeing Beauty in Early America

Joseph Manca

Black Lives, Native Lands, White Worlds

A History of Slavery in New England

Jared Ross Hardesty

Our Suffering Brethren

Foreign Captivity and Nationalism in the Early United States

David J. Dzurec

A Drunkard's Defense

Alcohol, Murder, and Medical Jurisprudence in Nineteenth-Century America

Michele Rotunda

"There Is a North"

Fugitive Slaves, Political Crisis, and Cultural Transformation in the Coming of the Civil War

John L. Brooke

Every Home a Fortress

Cold War Fatherhood and the Family Fallout Shelter

Thomas Bishop

Exporting Jim Crow

Blackface Minstrelsy in South Africa and Beyond

Chinua Thelwell

Contested and Dangerous Seas

North Atlantic Fishermen, Their Wives, Unions, and the Politics of Exclusion

Colin J. Davis

Food for Dissent

Natural Foods and the Consumer Counterculture since the 1960s

Maria McGrath

The Conspiracy of Capital

Law, Violence, and American Popular Radicalism in the Age of Monopoly

Michael Mark Cohen

Managing the River Commons

Fishing and New England's Rural Economy

Erik Reardon