Authors’ Fund for Scholarship

Launched in 2023, the Authors’ Fund for Scholarship supports scholars who do not have personal, professional, or institutional access to research funds or subventions, whose careers may have taken them outside the academy, who teach in contingent and adjunct capacities, and whose institutions are historically underfunded. Funds cover expenses that scholars may incur during the publication process, including indexing, proofreading, supplemental editing, permissions fees, photo fees, and other costs of scholarly work. The funds will be limited, and recipients will be selected by acquisitions editors.

In addition to support for the publication of select books under contract with the Press, this initiative offers independent scholars and contingent faculty access to information about the publication process. Press staff lead an annual webinar, titled “The Publishing Process: Demystified,” which unpacks the fundamentals of the publication process, including how to select a press, the mechanics of peer review, and what to expect from contracts. Any interested scholars are welcome to attend this remote event.

We invite you to consider supporting the publication of scholarship. If you would like to donate your royalties or include us in your estate planning, please email Sarah Doherty at [email protected].