SHARP 2021

As the 2021 Society for the History of Authorship, Reading and Publishing (SHARP) virtual conference kicks off, we would like to invite you to save 30% off and free shipping on the titles featured here through August 30, 2021. Enter promo code MAS033 at checkout to save. We are especially excited to share new releases from our Studies in Print Culture and the History of the Book series and our new Page and Screen series.

If you have a project in process on book history, periodical or print culture, or media studies, we’d encourage you to reach out to our senior editor, Brian Halley (mailto:[email protected]), to arrange a meeting.

Jim Crow Networks: African American Periodical Cultures
Out of Print: Mediating Information in the Novel and the Book
Templates for Authorship: Women’s Literary Autobiography of the 1930s
Writing across the Color Line: U.S. Print Culture and the Rise of Ethnic Literature, 1877-1920
Placing Papers: The American Literary Archives Market
Libraries amid Protest: Books, Organizing, and Global Activism
Cross-Racial Class Protest in Antebellum American Literature
Oceans at Home: Maritime and Domestic Fictions in Nineteenth-Century American Women‘s Writing
Vicious Infants: Dangerous Childhoods in Antebellum U.S. Literature
Prophets, Publicists, and Parasites: Antebellum Print Culture and the Rise of the Critic
The Intimacy of Paper in Early and Nineteenth-Century American Literature
Faraway Women and the Atlantic Monthly