UMass Press’s C19 Virtual Exhibit

UMass Press is excited to participate in C19’s virtual conference as the “Press of the Day” on October 24. In celebration of this year’s conference, we would like to offer members 30% off and free shipping on all of the titles featured here with promo code MAS009!

We were sad to miss out on connecting in Coral Gables this spring, but we would welcome the opportunity to discuss your projects in process on nineteenth-century American literature and culture. Please contact Brian Halley, senior editor, at [email protected] to request a meeting.

Thoreau Beyond Borders

Transcendental Heresies

The Case of the Slave-Child, Med

Books for Idle Hours
Above the American Renaissance
Writing Across the Color Line

Prophets, Publicists, and Parasites

“Theatricals of Day”

“There Is a North”
Finding Thoreau

Cross-Racial Class Protest in Antebellum American Literature
The Intimacy of Paper in Early and Nineteenth-Century American Literature
Rediscovering the Maine Woods

Lydia Sigourney
Herman Melville