Big Berks 2023

In the lead up to the 2023 Berkshire Conference of Women, Gender and Sexualities, we invite you to save 40% off on the titles featured here through August 30, 2023—including new entries from our series Childhoods: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Children and Youth, Culture and Politics in the Cold War and Beyond, Public History in Historical Perspective, African American Intellectual History, and more!

If you have a project in process on history, culture, or literature, we’d encourage you to reach out to our executive editor, Brian Halley ([email protected]), to arrange a meeting.

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When Will the Joy Come?

Black Women in the Ivory Tower

Robin Phylisia Chapdelaine, Abena Ampofoa Asare, Michelle Dionne Thompson

Staged News

The Federal Theatre Project’s Living Newspapers in New York

Jordana Cox

"Fame Is Not Just for the Fellas"

Female Renown and the Childhood of Famous Americans Series

Gregory M. Pfitzer

Rewriting America

New Essays on the Federal Writers' Project

Sara Rutkowski

Organizing Women

Home, Work, and the Institutional Infrastructure of Print in Twentieth-Century America

Christine Pawley

The Spirit of Colonial Williamsburg

Ghosts and Interpreting the Recreated Past

Alena Pirok

Certain Concealments

Poe, Hawthorne, and Early Nineteenth-Century Abortion

Dana Medoro

Exhibiting Evangelicalism

Commemoration and Religion’s Presence of the Past

Devin C Manzullo-Thomas

A Cultural Arsenal for Democracy

The World War II Work of US Museums

Clarissa J. Ceglio

Urban Archipelago

An Environmental History of the Boston Harbor Islands

Pavla Šimková

Bidding for the 1968 Olympic Games

International Sport's Cold War Battle with NATO

Heather L. Dichter

Revolutions at Home

The Origin of Modern Childhood and the German Middle Class

Emily C. Bruce

Vicious Infants

Dangerous Childhoods in Antebellum U.S. Literature

Laura Soderberg

A Drunkard's Defense

Alcohol, Murder, and Medical Jurisprudence in Nineteenth-Century America

Michele Rotunda

Where Is Juliet Stuart Poyntz?

Gender, Spycraft, and Anti-Stalinism in the Early Cold War

Denise M. Lynn

The Persistence of Slavery

An Economic History of Child Trafficking in Nigeria

Robin Phylisia Chapdelaine

Fictional Blues

Narrative Self-Invention from Bessie Smith to Jack White

Kimberly Mack

The Mass Production of Memory

Travel and Personal Archiving in the Age of the Kodak

Tammy S. Gordon

The Lexington Six

Lesbian and Gay Resistance in 1970s America

Josephine Donovan

Constructing the Outbreak

Epidemics in Media and Collective Memory

Katherine A. Foss

Rescued from Oblivion

Historical Cultures in the Early United States

Alea Henle