photo of Lucy Gwin

This Brain Had a Mouth

In this engrossing biography, James M. Odato provides an intimate portrait of disability activist and Mouth Magazine founder, Lucy Gwin. With Gwin’s story at the center, Odato introduces readers to other key disability rights activists and organizations, and supplies context on current contentious topics such as physician-assisted suicide.

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historic map of Boston harbor islands

Urban Archipelago

Pavla Šimková reinterprets the Boston Harbor Islands, arguing that they have been an integral part of Boston since colonial days, transformed by the city’s changing values and catering to its current needs. Drawing on archival sources, historic maps and photographs, and diaries from island residents, this absorbing study attests that the harbor islands’ story is central to understanding the ways in which Boston has both shaped and been shaped by its environment over time.


Paper Electronic Literature

Reaching back to early experiments with digital writing in the mainframe era and then moving through the personal computer and Internet revolutions, this book traces the changing forms of paper on which e-lit artists have drawn, including continuous paper, documentation, disk sleeves, packaging, and even artists’ books.

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"Chaotic Freedom" in Civil War Louisiana

The image is terrible and familiar. A man sits, his face in profile, his torso exposed. His back is a breathtaking mass of scars, crisscrossing his body and baring the brutality of American slavery. Reproduced as a carte de visite, the image circulated widely throughout abolitionist networks and was featured in Harper’s Weekly. Bruce Laurie uncovers the people and events that created this seminal image in this essential study.


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    We’re pleased to announce a new partnership with Fum d’Estampa Press. This August, UMass Press began distributing and marketing Fum d’Estampa Press’s translations of award-winning Catalan language poetry, fiction, and...

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