images of the Billy Graham Library and Museum of the Bible galleries

Exhibiting Evangelicalism

Exhibiting Evangelicalism provides the first account of the growth and development of historical museums created by white evangelical Christians in the United States over the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. Exploring the histories of the Museum of the Bible, the Billy Graham Center Museum, the Billy Sunday Home, and Park Street Church, Devin C. Manzullo-Thomas illustrates how these sites enabled religious leaders to develop a coherent identity for their fractious religious movement and to claim the centrality of evangelicalism to American history.

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Book cover reading "Emily Dickinson

Emily Dickinson's Music Book and the Musical Life of an American Poet

Offering a fresh historical perspective on a poetic voice that has become canonical in American literature, this original study brings Emily Dickinson’s music book to life, documenting Dickinson’s early years of musical study through the time her music was bound in the early 1850s, which tellingly coincided with the writing of her first poems. Using Dickinson’s letters and poems alongside newspapers and other archival sources, George Boziwick explores the various composers, music sellers, and publishers behind this music and Dickinson’s attendance at performances, presenting new insights into the multiple layers of meaning that music held for her.

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painting of a New England hillside village

Here and Everywhere Else

This microhistory focuses on Monson, Maine and its residents, moving from the town’s incorporation in the early nineteenth century to present-day attempts to revive this declining village into an artists’ colony. As Witmer reveals, this small New England town engaged with the wider world in surprising ways across the past two centuries, as townspeople fought and died in distant wars, the local economy and landscape were transformed by quarries and mills, and railroads, highways, and new technologies connected Monson to the rest of the world.


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