Remembering John H. Bracey, Jr.

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Historic photograph of Ellisville Marsh in Massachusetts

Rescuing Ellisville Marsh

After agricultural and fishing activities faded away in the late twentieth century, it soon became apparent that protecting Ellisville Marsh and its surroundings from development would not be enough to restore the natural equilibrium that had been lost when the inlet became blocked. Having witnessed government inaction over the years, Eric P. Cody and four other locals founded the Friends of Ellisville Marsh in 2007 to address erosion, revive tidal flows, and revitalize fisheries and wildlife in the face of climate change.

photograph of five African American soldiers in the Vietnam War

Race in the Crucible of War

Gerald F. Goodwin examines how Black servicemen experienced and interpreted racial issues during their time in Vietnam. Serving during the same period as the civil rights movement and the race riots in Chicago, Detroit, and dozens of other American cities, these men increasingly connected the racism that they encountered in the barracks and on the battlefields with the tensions and violence that were simmering back home.


Traveling the Old Ski Tracks of New England

Traveling the Old Ski Tracks of New England offers a fascinating history of downhill, cross-country, and backcountry skiing across the region and its leading personalities, moving from the sport’s nineteenth-century roots to more recent challenges, as changing tastes and a warming climate impact the industry. 

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