Thanksgiving: The Biography of an American Holiday

“[Baker] shows us how Thanksgiving is seen through each generation’s reality, having morphed from a holiday for pilgrim hats and turkeys to a cause for Native American protests to a holy day to several ancient holidays combined and a full-scale orgy of food and football. Thanksgiving is not the holiday you think it is and will not be the holiday you know now in 100 years, but it can be whatever holiday you need.”—Booklist


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In this beautifully crafted book, Freddy Cristóbal Domínguez makes a provocative case for Dylan as a historian, offering a deep consideration of the musician’s historical influences and practices. Drawing on interviews, speeches, and the close analysis of lyrics and live performances, Bob Dylan in the Attic is the first book to consider Dylan’s work from the point of view of historiography.


Shortlisted for the 2023 Chicago Review of Books Awards

“Wisenberg is an affecting guide through the nuances, joys, and complications of contemporary Jewish womanhood; The Wandering Womb both celebrates those identities and mourns the past pains that they reflect.”—Foreword Reviews

“Wisenberg continues her frank and provocative inquiries into perceptions of the female body . . . Drawing on her journalist’s skills and literary prowess, she applies her audacious incisiveness and wit to her family’s stories as Jews who fled pogrom-ravaged Russia and settled in Houston and Selma.”—Booklist


Finalist for the Randy Shilts Award for Gay Nonfiction!

“In A Union Like Ours, Scott Bane carefully tracks both men’s careers through the changes in American culture that they were either reflecting or contributing to . . . [A] smart, sensitive study.”—Gay and Lesbian Review


Winner of the 2023 Society for History in the Federal Government Book Prize!

“Based on exhaustive research and written in a lively, accessible style, Lost on the Freedom Trail provides valuable insight into the profitability of preservation and heritage tourism, and the synergies and tensions created from establishing a national historic park within a living urban center.”—Stephanie Ryberg-Webster, coeditor of Legacy Cities: Continuity and Change amid Decline and Revival


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