Playing God in the Meadow

Determined to turn an overgrown and unproductive Vermont apple orchard into a thriving and beautiful landscape, Martha Leb Molnar and her husband decided to restore this patch of land to a pristine meadow and build a safe haven for their family and nearby wildlife. At turns funny, thoughtful, and conversational, Playing God in the Meadow follows this big city transplant as she learns to make peace with rural life and an evolving landscape that she cannot entirely control.

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Black and white photograph of a library interior

Organizing Women

Organizing Women traces the histories of middle-class women—rural and urban, white and Black, married and unmarried—who used public and private institutions of print to tell their stories, expand their horizons, and further their ambitions. Drawing from a diverse range of examples, Christine Pawley introduces readers to women who ran branch libraries and library schools in Chicago and Madison, built radio empires from their midwestern farms, formed reading clubs, and published newsletters.


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