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The Lexington Six

Josephine Donovan reconstructs the fascinating and untold story of the Lexington Six, a group whose spirited resistance attracted national attention in the 1970s and inspired a nationwide movement in other minority communities. The book is a vital addition to LGBTQ, feminist, and radical American history.

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A Sound History

At a time of institutionalized suppression, Lawrence Gellert worked to introduce white audiences to a tradition of black musical protest that had been denied and overlooked by prior white collectors. A Sound History is the story of an individual life, an excavation of African American musical resistance and dominant white historiography, and a cultural history of radical possibility and reversal in the defining middle decades of the U.S. twentieth century.

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For Might and Right

For Might and Right traces the story of how Cold War defense spending remade participatory politics, producing a powerful and dynamic political coalition that reached across party lines. This “Cold War coalition” favored massive defense spending over social welfare programs, bringing together a diverse array of actors from across the nation, including defense workers, community boosters, military contractors, current and retired members of the armed services, activists, and politicians.

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