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Rescued from Oblivion

Offering a vital account of the formation of historical culture and consciousness in the early United States, Alea Henle re-centers in the record groups long marginalized from the national memory. These societies laid the groundwork for professional practices that are still embraced today: collection policies, distinctions between preservation of textual and nontextual artifacts, publication programs, historical rituals and commemorations, reconciliation of scholarly and popular approaches, and more.

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Museum Diplomacy

Sponsored by the U.S. Department of State and administered by the American Alliance of Museums, the Museums Connect program partnered U.S. museums and non-U.S. museums in projects designed to foster community collaboration and engagement. Museum Diplomacy focuses on three projects arranged between the United States and South Africa, Morocco, and Afghanistan, respectively.

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The Virtuous and Violent Women of Seventeenth-Century Massachusetts

Dismantling the image of the peaceful and serene colonial goodwife and countering the assumption that New England was inherently less violent than other regions of colonial America, Emily C. K. Romeo offers a revealing look at acts of violence by Anglo-American women in colonial Massachusetts, from the everyday to the extraordinary.

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